About Us

LikeMedia is a multi-award winning social media company as the founding core business where we manage corporate social media and marketing strategy as well become recognized social media bring latest new today. Besides that, LikeMedia also provide event management from photography, videography, lighting, sound, entertainment and anything needed by client as well run own event. 

 LikeMedia strengthen its position by partnership with the top lifestyle and business magazine like Baccarat Malaysia, Asia Success Branding Magazine and 业家媒体The Entrepreneur as well top bloggers to expand our reach and exposure to new audience and new height in all aspect from business to entertainment.  

 LikeMedia also form a great partnership with Jack’s Stuff in making viral and corporate video where one of our success video was The Avenger over 1.6million views with a month in promoting public awareness and crime prevention. Next we also getting ready for short film competition end of this year as trying the top in a new playground.

In the coming months, LikeMedia will expand into own studio production known as “BALE” Production and E-Magazine as well cooperate with JLP in the expansion in new reach of exposure and new target audience and clients.